IMPACT Success with Aaron Zapata

Aaron Zapata interviews top producing real estate agents from around the world who share their stories, strategies, and secrets of success. We hear about how they transitioned into real estate, what they are doing now to succeed, and talk about hard times they've been through.
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Dec 29, 2017

Aaron Zapata interviews Jean Ginzburg, a digital marketing specialist who works with businesses and entrepreneurs to help them grow their online presence. We talk about taking an authentic approach to marketing, talk about her new book, “Win New Customers, How to Attract, Connect, and Convert More Prospects Into Customers In 60 Days.” Listeners are offered a FREE copy of her book at Topics include: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Digital Ads, and more.


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Dec 22, 2017

Aaron Zapata interviews Gantry Wilson, a top real estate agent with Keller Williams in Huntington Beach, CA.

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Dec 15, 2017

Aaron Zapata interviews Jacquie Othen, a top real estate agent with the Othen Group in Toronto, Canada. Jacquie and Aaron discuss how she had to drop out of school to take over a family business and how that affected her own thoughts about her ability to be a great REALTOR. We also talk about the hardest time of her life was when she transitioned into her real estate career and left her cushy corporate job after her position was terminated while she was on maternity leave. We also talk about mentoring, making follow up calls, finances, feeling defeated, her new staging venture, to growing and building a successful real estate team.

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Dec 7, 2017

Aaron Zapata interviews Shirley Weems, a top REO broker from Florida. Shirley and Aaron discuss the importance of using tracking down lead sources, taking risks to grow you business, and taking a no-nonsense approach to approaching the real estate business. We also talk about the struggle of working in this business and what it was like to grow her business when her kids were young,

Dec 1, 2017

A behind the scenes look at the IMPACT Real Estate Podcasts where host, Aaron Zapata, discusses the lessons learned from the guests on Season 1 of the podcast. He also shares about things he is learning as he produces the podcast.

Nov 23, 2017

Aaron Zapata interviews Todd Frazier, entrepreneur and social media expert.  Todd and Aaron discuss the importance of using social media to grow your personal brand and talk about some of the mistakes agents make that lead to disaster. Topics include social media, live video, branding, marketing, consumer content, providing value, and the art of self-promotion.

Nov 16, 2017

Aaron Zapata interviews Melanie Giglio-Vakos, leader of the MVP Team at Jameson’s Sotheby’s in Chicago, IL. She shares her story of transitioning from a flight attendant to waitress to real estate and has a goal of calling 62 people a day! From working with developers to first time buyers her hands-on approach keeps her close to her clients as she builds her team. Topics include cold calling, family life, beating breast cancer, building a team, working with developers, luxury condos, Chicago IL, using Follow Up Boss, weekly meetings, and much more.

Nov 9, 2017

Aaron Zapata interviews Jamie Tian, a top performing real estate broker at Rodeo Realty in Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles. She has a growing book of business and is making inroads into the ultra luxury market.  Topics include being young and successful in real estate, being designated a “30 Under 30” by the National Association of Realtors, social media, working with celebrities, and much more.

Nov 2, 2017

Aaron Zapata interviews Jill Schuster, a top performing real estate broker at ReMax in the Corvallis area of Oregon. She has a growing team that will close more than 75 transactions in 2017. Topics include being the “nice guy” in real estate, serving Relocation clients, delivering excellent customer service, being a perfectionist, Vendor appreciation parties, online leads, earning designations, a hiring a team, owning your skills and more!

Oct 26, 2017

Aaron Zapata interviews Dewey Hatcher, a top performing real estate broker and owner of Hatcher Realty Services, Inc in the North Central Florida area. He has a growing team that will close more than 300 transactions in 2017. Topics include staging a coming back from unbeatable odds after his financial advisor and accountant told him to file bankruptcy because he owed over $3.1 Million to different banks, surviving a 95% drop off in sales and putting all his eggs in one basket, hiring a team, relentless customer service, and strategic marketing plans that work.

Oct 19, 2017

Aaron Zapata interviews Beth Traverso, a top performing real estate agent with ReMax On The Lake in the Seattle Area, Washington. She and her growing team rank in the top 1% nationwide and she is in the ReMax Hall of Fame. Topics include starting over and staging a comeback from the last housing bust, hiring a team, getting and converting leads from Zillow, being a mom of small children and succeeding, coaching, business plans, Asana software, and learning to delegate.

Oct 12, 2017

Aaron Zapata interviews Joseph Bird. Prior to real estate, Joe spent 7 years as a successful entrepreneur providing exceptional customer service to the music industry. In 2011, Joe decided it was the perfect opportunity to change careers and dive into real estate. Growing up in a family that owned several investment properties, real estate had always interested Joe. He hit the ground running and has quickly risen to become the top-producing agent on Maryland’s #1 RE/MAX team, the Pakulla Professionals. In just 5 short years, Joe has sold over 300 houses and is consistently referred to friends and family by his past clients and other industry professionals.


Oct 5, 2017

Aaron Zapata interviews Jess Salas, a top performing real estate agent with Harcourts Avanti in San Diego, California. He is the #5 agent in San Diego County. Jesse and his team members prospect via cold calling 3- 4 hours a day each. In the podcast we talk about his transition from being a lender to running a real estate team. Topics include work-life balance, cold calling, virtual assistants, Harcourts selling methods, advertising on TV, hiring, self-improvement, failures, taking massive action and more.

Sep 28, 2017

Aaron Zapata interviews Rob Ott, a top performing real estate agent with the Re/Max in Issaquah, Washington. Rob's team is the #1 team in the Renton area, just outside of Seattle. Rob and his team close over 175 homes annually and we talk about his transition from running restaurants to running a real estate team.

Additional topics include work-life balance, working on Sundays, hiring, self-improvement, growing a team, budgeting and incorporating, debt, depression, and making referrals a core strength in their business.

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Sep 26, 2017

Aaron Zapata gives the introduction to the IMPACT Real Estate Success Podcast. He gives a brief history of his background in real estate and his plans for the show. 

The podcast is an interview format where Aaron conducts interviews with Top Performing agents throughout the world. They share strategies, marketing tips, and walk us through the pitfalls to avoid on the road to success as a REALTOR.